Utilising advanced elastomeric technologies, we research, develop and manufacture products of the highest quality.


  • Wide range of colours
  • Flexibility with Hardness, ShoreA
  • Excellent temperature range
Special grades for application
  • Steam Resistant
  • Tear Strength
  • Electrical
  • Conductive
  • Oil Bleeding
  • Tensile Strength


This serves the back bone for many keypad technology.

Great flexibility with colours and hardness gives possibilities to aesthetically appealing products.

Design features such as ribs, seals, undercuts, guides and stoppers can be added to achieve best mechanical functions.

Conductive pellets of selective resistance to meet your electrical requirements.


Silicone Rubber serves as the carrier for other design components such as:
  • Plastic cap
  • Navigation button
  • Electrode plated buttons
  • Light-guide

Aesthetically appealing keypads are possible by matching the various decorating processes available on plastic.


  • Excellent abrasion resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Quick change in Colour
  • Slim design
  • Light weight

A carrier foil is placed inside the opened mould. It carries the dried paint layers which are to be transferred to the plastic part, with the paint facing the gate. After filling with plastic the paint adheres to the plastic, and is removed from the carrier when opening the mould.


Keypad has the advantage to allow customization.

Through collaboration, our PreTech engineering team will guide you through the technical details such as:
  • Metal-Domes
  • Poly-Domes
  • Dual injection
  • Laser-etching plastic caps
  • Electroplating
  • Light-guides
  • IMD, In Mould Decoration

Aesthetically appealing keypads are possible by matching the various decorating processes available on plastic.


It provides durable, lightweight and low-profile options for integrating user interfaces and electronic components into a variety of applications including medical, industrial and commercial products.

  • Offers short mechanical travel between silicone keypads and Metal domes
  • Colourful printed with unlimited abrasion resistance as a front panel
  • Allow simple electronic components to be mounted
  • Light weight and low profile
  • Design to work with metal dome and Silicone keypads


It offers great reliability and consistency in tactile response within a short mechanical movement/ travel.

Domes are available in different shapes, actuating forces and mechanical travel.
They are also available with single and multiple dimples to enhance electrical contact.
Domes shall be arranged according to electrical layout and adhesive bonded on PET sheet.

Transparent and White PET options are available.
  • An extremely reliable contact system, that withstands even the most rugged commercial environment
  • Superior stainless steel tactile response that is consistent from switch to switch at short mechanical movement
  • Lightweight and low-profile design
  • Makes possible integration into smaller and thinner packages
  • Material provides a consistent tactile response from key-to-key
  • Reliability